Project: Small Family Garden

Size: 400m2

This contemporary two-storey townhouse, which has been beautifully converted, is situated in the middle of town.

The brief was to create a practical family garden with low maintenance planting and upkeep.

The front garden serves as a driveway and parking for the family. This area is primarily paved with slate-colour block paving interspersed with  a  few planted areas. The focal point is a large planted bed on the western corner.  Here a stunning Japanese dogwood (Cornus kousa) is underplanted with Geraniums, Liriope and grasses.

The small back garden has an extensive patio with raised beds planted with herbs and perennials.

A narrow border frames the small lawn. All-season interest plantings like Euphorbias, Bergenia, Hellebores, Hemerocallis, Verbenas, Miscanthus grasses and a few woody plants such as a small Hydrangea’ Little Lime’ ensure year-round loveliness. 


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