About me

I am Anita Barber and I help people make the most of their outdoor living spaces.

My most cherished childhood memories are the ones I’ve spent with my family on countless outdoor adventures.

We would visit botanical gardens, climb hills and mountains and spend numerous hours beside our favourite lakes swimming, and enjoying the surrounding environment. Being in nature felt natural.  It was in these moments where my deep love for the natural world was born. 

I chose to study Biology and Environmental Science and developed a keen interest in botany. As a result, I enrolled in a Postgraduate Horticulture course. As my life unfurled, I worked in various fields in different countries, but my dream of working with plants and nature remained unfulfilled.  Until I decided life is too short! I then enrolled in a course with the Garden Design Academy of Ireland.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. After a lifelong longing for nature, I opened my Garden Design Studio in 2018. I believe that everyone deserves their own beautiful outdoor space that the whole family can cherish and enjoy. 

Having a well-designed garden in line with you and your family needs will improve not only your property but also your way of living.

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