Luxury Castle Lodge Guesthouse

Project: Five-star accommodation

Size: 1000m2

This beautifully renovated and extended rural house in the middle of Kerry’s countryside has a stunning few of an old castle-ruins and the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks.

My client wanted to embrace and enhance the surrounding rural beauty of this five-star luxury accommodation garden whilst also providing a comfortable and practical outdoor space for her guests.

We kept an ancient and spectacular apple tree in the front garden and underplanted it with plenty of spring-flowering bulbs. A block paved path takes the visitor from the original gate to the front door and connects to the driveway. The planting here is traditional cottage garden planting with roses, Flowering Currents, Viburnums, Fuchsias, interplanted with Lilies, Grasses, Alchemilla mollis and Nepetas.

By the eastern Boundary, a new Drystone Wall wraps around the mature oak trees underplanted with bulbs. A beautiful witch hazel (Hamamelis pallida) adds some excitement to the dull winter months.

The colossal boulder originated on the other side of the property was converted to a stunning water feature beside the driveway.

In the back of the house, a small circular patio is surrounded by lush mixed planting containing Box Balls, Lavenders, tall Stipa gigantea grasses interplanted with plenty of colourful perennials and bulbs for all the seasons.